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A trip to Berlin


A trip to Berlin


I am writing an article about our school trip to Berlin from the 11th to the 15th September, 2017.

On Monday the 11th September we started our trip to Berlin from Silberstedt.

We met at quarter to eight in front of our school.

Fifteen minutes later at 8 o' clock was our departure and our journey could begin.

The bus ride took a long time as expected.

Seven hours later we arrived at the Steps hotel.

Then a man explained us the rules for hotel guests.

After he had explained everything important, we had to wait until we got the keys of our rooms.

Finally we could bring our luggage to our rooms, but there was no elevator, that is why we had to take the stairs.

On the next day, the 12th September, we visited the “Stasi - prison” in “Hohenschönhausen“.

It was very informative and interesting to see and to be told under what conditions people had to live there.

In the evening we went to the “Matrix” disco by bus.

There we listened to cool music, drank some non alcoholic drinks and had an enjoyable stay.

In the middle of the week we visited the spy museum and later the TV tower.

The spy museum was very informative, because at almost every part of the museum there was lots of information and our guide explained us the interesting facts.

After that and after our free time which we had every day, we met at the TV tower.

From a height of 203 metres,we had a fantastic view and everything around us was so small.

When it got dark the views changed and everything looked different than before.

On Thursday our highlight of the day was the musical.

At the theatre we watched the “Glöckner von Notre Dame”.

The actors were great singers and dancers and the story was very well played.

On Friday our last day in Berlin we only had breakfast and bought some food and drinks for trip back to Silberstedt.

During our Berlin trip the weather was not sunny and warm all the time but fortunately there wasn´t much rain either.


Tom Marx, 10a